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Kaylor Cox

Kaylor Cox

Administrative Assistant

Kaylor works for Smith & Cox as an Administrative Assistant. She handles daily secretarial tasks. Kaylor is a local country music artist with a passion for writing and singing country music. She often preforms at our client events, so be sure to RSVP to see her live!

(youtube singing video/Mashup and a more of link)

Favorite quote? “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, love like you'll never be hurt, sing like there's nobody listening, and live like it's heaven on earth.” -William W. Purkey

Favorite holiday? My favorite holiday most recently has become Easter. It's a time for family, and basking in God's love. However, Christmas will always stay at the top. I love the holiday cheer for the whole month of December!

What are you most proud of? I'm honestly most proud of the person I'm becoming. I work hard at being the best person, daughter, sister, friend, musician, and role model that I can be. I wake up every morning, and go to bed each night, happy with who I am, and what I'm doing with my life. I'd say that's something to be proud of!

Who is your role model? My role model has been, and always will be my dad. He continues to teach me the importance of customer service, whether it's in the office, or meeting fans after a show. He taught me the importance of being a genuine, good heart-ed person, and that you have to work hard for the things you want in life. He taught me the importance of family, and helped me build a strong relationship with the Big Man upstairs. He never fails to teach me new jokes and one liners, along with valuable wisdom every day. I'm really lucky to have the best man I know, as my role model and dad.

Hidden talent/interest? It's not hidden, but I am such a food lover. Besides music, my other interest is good food, and definitely desserts!

Best piece of financial advice you’ve ever received? With my dad being a Retirement Planner, I learned the importance of saving at a young age. Putting money away for the future, instead of spending on something I don't need.

What do you love most about your job at Smith & Cox Retirement Planners? I love lot about my job here at Smith & Cox. I get to wake up and work with good, hard working people, who all have the same goal in mind: serving our clients to the highest ability. We have the greatest clients in the world, and I love getting to have personal relationships with each of them. It's also so rewarding to have clients who appreciate us, as much as we appreciate them. I wouldn't want to spend 5 days a week anywhere else!

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Andy Smith and Chris Cox have over 40 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. A full service and comprehensive firm, they are aligned with some of Southern Arizona's trusted professional's who understand the responsibility of expert advice.
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